ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Prolonged exposure to music at full vol-
ume using the music player may damage
your hearing. Set your mobile phone’s
volume to it’s lowest setting prior to
inserting headphones in your ears and
adjust the volume to your preference.
Only use headphones that are recom-
mended by TCT Mobile Limited and it’s
Please note that you must respect the laws
and regulations in force in your jurisdiction or
other jurisdiction(s) where you will use your
mobile phone regarding taking photographs
and recording sounds with your mobile
phone. Pursuant to such laws and regulations,
it may be strictly forbidden to take photo-
graphs and/or to record the voices of other
people or any of their personal attributes, and
reproduce or distribute them, as this may be
considered to be an invasion of privacy.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to ensure
that prior authorization be obtained, if neces-
sary, in order to record private or condential
conversations or take a photograph of another
person; the manufacturer, the seller or vendor
of your mobile phone (including the operator)
disclaim any liability which may result from
the improper use of the mobile phone.
Before removing the battery from your mobile
phone, please make sure that the mobile
phone is switched off.
Observe the following precautions for battery use:
- Do not attempt to open the battery (due to
the risk of toxic fumes and burns).
- Do not puncture, disassemble or cause a
short-circuit in a battery,
- Do not burn or dispose of a used battery
in the garbage or store it at temperatures
above 140°F (60°C).
Batteries must be disposed of in accordance
with locally applicable environmental regula-
tions. Only use the battery for the purpose for
which it was designed. Never use damaged
batteries or those not recommended by TCT
Mobile Limited and/or its afliates.