Fujitsu FMWCC34 Carrying Case User Manual

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Pen Tablet Holster
User’s Instructions
The Pen Tablet Holster is designed to provide a
belt-hung, hands-free carrying case for storing your
pen tablet. There are two versions of the holster:
Holster FMWCC34 and Holster FMWCC37.
The two holsters are proportionally similar, but
Holster FMWCC37 is larger overall to accommodate
a pen tablet that is enclosed in a harsh environment
case (HEC). For purposes of these instructions, both
models are functionally identical, and are addressed
as a single model.
Using the Pen Tablet Holster 0
On the back of the holster, there is a belt loop for
securing the holster, as shown in Figure 1. It is
recommended that a belt be purchased for the
exclusive use of the holster. By using a dedicated
belt, you can quickly remove the pen tablet and
holster at the end of a work session.
Slide your belt through the loop and latch the belt
around your waist, ensuring that it is tight enough
to secure the holster with the pen tablet.
Unattach the holster strap from the Velcro
strip on
the front of the holster, as in Figure 2. Hold your pen
tablet by the right edge, slide it into the holster with
the LCD screen facing your body, and secure it with
the strap by pulling the strap snugly over the unit
and reattaching the Velcro strip.
If you do not want to use the holster strap to secure
your pen tablet, the strap can be stored inside the
holster using the additional Velcro strip located on
Caring for the Pen Tablet Holster 0
The pen tablet holster is made of rugged ballistic
nylon. It is designed to withstand daily use. Treat
the holster as you would a briefcase or purse.
Occasionally, the holster may become soiled. To
clean it, brush it with a short-bristled brush. If
necessary, use a clean cloth and warm soapy water
to wash the soiled area. Do not submerge the holster
in water, as it may become warped.
Figure 1. Pen Tablet Holster Belt Loop
Figure 2. Holster Securing Strap