Hypertec 5901 Carrying Case User Manual

Series 5
Our patented air-cell protection.
Surrounded by interconnected
pockets of compressed air, your
laptop is safeguarded against
vibrations and shocks.
A unique world-wide tracking
system. Unique i-TRAK™ codes
make your luggage and laptop
unique and identifiable if you lose
or forget them.
Series 5 and above
An adjustable laptop compartment!
More than one size of laptop will fit in one
bag which allows for upgrade, blind buy or
gift buy.
2 sizes:1 for the 14" to 15.4" laptops, 1
for the 16"/17" laptops
Series 5 and above
Bring your “personal space”
with you! Skinn® is an
innovative way of
personalising your laptop bag
and extend its capabilities.
tech air , delivering
unrivalled protection
and bags of style
We provide unique solutions to
make sure being mobile can be as
exciting and secure as ever
Discover how techair® protection
technology, i-TRAK™ and many more
innovations make your bag unique.
Our Series of models cater for every need
from the classic briefcase and stylish
messengers to the ergonomic backpack.
Hypertec Ltd, 2 Swangate, Charnham Park, Hungerford, Berks, RG170YX. Tel: 0870 243 5603 Email: info@hypertec.co.uk Web: www.hypertec.co.uk
TechAir® is a patented technology. Patent Nos GB 2 311 512, GB 2 340 484, US 5 884 768 and EP 0 797 939
Designed for the international traveller, this case will adapt well to
the needs of an hectic life.
Compact and high capacity, this trolley is the perfect travel
partner. A rolling design takes the strain of travel whilst the classic
and sleek design makes certain it will match any business user's
Includes an Wet Skinn®, Active Sleeve® and 12 months i-TRAK™
TAN5901HY Trolley
Main features
Materials and Constructions
Material 1680D Nylon Colour Black
Laptop Compartment Size (33.9 - 36.9) x 29.3 x 5.1 Weight (kg) 2.9
External Size 43 x 34 x 21.5 cm
Other Features
Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Detachable Shoulder strap
Speed Adjuster Strap
Trolley Strap
Other pockets
Clothing Space
Cable Friendly
Printer/ Projector Compatible
2 in 1
convertible use
Telescopic Handle
Mobile Phone Pocket
Music Player Pocket
Accessory panel *
Shower proof
* phone, music player, business cards and CD pockets, ticket and pen holders
High capacity trolley/Active Sleeve® 15.4"/3 compartments/Wheelable/telescopic handle/high grade nylon/i-TRAK™ 12 months and
To fit laptops up to Active Sleeve 15.4
Number of compartments 3
Techair® Protection Technology
i-TRAK™ (months) 12
Lifetime Warranty
Active Sleeve®
Wet Skinn®