Hypertec N11598PHY Carrying Case User Manual

A trendy messenger style notebook bag for notebooks up to 15.4‰
The trendy CollegeAction notebook bag is the ideal companion for the young mobile user. Light weight and
yet strong, this compact bag can carry everything you might need on the road.
The notebook compartment is cushioned with high-density foam and with a protective flap it securely pro-
tects notebooks from bumps and knocks, Documents and other mobile equipment find enough room in the
spacious interior compartment or the additional interior compartments as well as in the side mesh pockets.
The workstation in the front pocket provides storage room for pens, CD-Roms, business cards and so on.
The pocket flap is closed with a high-quality synthetic latch. The CollegeAction is equipped with a comfort-
able cushioned carrying handle. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap with a rubber neoprene surface
makes carrying the College Action a real pleasure.
The CollegeAction is made of durable materials. The floor material is dirt- and water-resistant.
Available in Black & Beige or Black & Grey.
Dicota Luggage from Hypertec
Available from:
Hypertec Ltd
2 Swangate, Charnham Park, Hungerford, Berks, RG17 0YX
t: 0870 243 5603 f: 0870 243 5604
w: www.hypertec.co.uk
Colour: Black & Beige or Black & Grey
Dimensions: 420mm x 350mm x 100mm OR 16.5‰ x 13.8‰ x 3.9‰
Weight: 0.9kg
Material: Dobby Nylon / Polyester
For Notebooks up to: 15.4‰
Part Codes:
N11598PHY CollegeAction Black/Beige
N13998PHY CollegeAction Black/Grey