Hypertec N11648NHY Carrying Case User Manual

Comfortable and trendy 15.4‰ notebook backpack
The BacPac Mission is a comfortable notebook backpack with a modern and sporty design.
The large main compartment provides space for documents and mobile equipment, whilst the workstation
creates order for mobile phone, pens, keys etc, and the front pocket gives space for the power supply unit
and cables. A protected multimedia compartment with water-resistant cable opening for headphones makes
it easy to listen to a CD or mp3 player when on the move.
The effective high density foam cushioning and notebook strap mean that the Notebook is protected from
bumps, knocks and sliding around in transit. The water resistant durable material offers additional protection
from the elements, and reflective material on the side provides safety for the wearer in the dark.
For comfort, Dicota have included ergonomic shoulder straps, active breathable back cushioning, and adjust-
able chest and hip straps with cushioned flaps.
Available in Ocean Blue, Ruby Red, Bright Orange, Lime Green, and Pure Black
Dicota Luggage from Hypertec
BacPac Mission
Available from:
Hypertec Ltd
2 Swangate, Charnham Park, Hungerford, Berks, RG17 0YX
t: 0870 243 5603 f: 0870 243 5604
w: www.hypertec.co.uk
Colour: Ocean Blue, Ruby Red, Bright Orange, Lime Green, Pure Black
Dimensions: 450mm x 340mm x 130mm OR 17.7‰ x 13.4‰ x 5.1‰
Weight: 1.0kg
Material: Dobby Nylon/Polyester
For Notebooks up to: 15/15.4‰
Part Codes:
N11608NHY Ocean Blue BacPac Mission
N11618NHY Ruby Red BacPac Mission
N11628NHY Bright Orange BacPac Mission
N11638NHY Lime Green BacPac Mission
N11648NHY Pure Black BacPac Mission