LG Electronics Rhythm Cell Phone User Manual

Advanced Music Player Advanced Music Player
Advanced Music
Player with Premium
Music Sound
Circular Touch Screen Circular Touch Screen
1” Circular
Touch Screen with
Interactive UI
FM Tr ansmitter FM Tr ansmitter
1.3 Megapixel
Camera & Camcorder
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Bluetooth Capable
microSD microSD
Memory Port with
16GB Support
The LG Rhythm really rocks with a 1” circular touch screen and one of the most advanced music systems available
in a mobile phone today. With 3D sound, a professionally tuned graphics equalizer, a music hot key, and Bluetooth
stereo support, premium music sound is at your ngertips. Let friends listen in by streaming your favorite songs
through the FM transmitter to another receiver or car stereo. Be sure to capture the party with pictures or videos
and save them to your microSD
card (sold separately) as you dance through the night.
Digital Camera/Camcorder Digital Camera/Camcorder
FM Transmitter
Music Phone