LG Electronics D25 Cell Phone User Manual

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Model # D25 Double Bowl
The Bubbler
- Premix Dispensers
• Famous two-piece, stainless steel, dripless pouring
valves are sanitary and easy to use and maintain.
• Better design and more stainless steel allow easier
cleaning and less maintenance.
• Superior engineering allows full beverage cooling
right down to the last drink.
• Large, 5 gallon bowls, with easy to read
measuring marks, are separate to allow bowl
cleaning and flavor changes without “total system
• Super-strong, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate
bowls and covers give lasting durability.
• Unique evaporator and high efficiency pump cools
faster and more efficiently for faster start-ups.
• Choice of Regular (-4) or optional Stainless Steel
(-3) side panels and drain trays.
• Down-to-earth design engineering makes routine
servicing easier and simpler.
• Second-to-none quality with “field condition”
• Optional whipper for frothed drinks.
• Agitators are included with each unit for fresh
juices, coffees or teas.
• World-wide sales and service assure customer
Tel (502) 425-4776 • Fax (502) 425-4664 • 1-800-695-4500 (USA & Canada only)
P.O. Box 35020 • Louisville, KY 40232 • USA
www.grindmaster.com • email: info@grindmaster.com