LG Electronics G3 Cell Phone User Manual

Quick Start
Transfer Music and Pictures
Micro USB
charging port
3.5 mm
headset jack
Connect your LG G3 Vigor™ to your
computer with a USB cable. Steps may
vary depending on your operating system.
You may be prompted to install PC
programs. Tap OK > Media sync (MTP).
On your PC, choose Open device to view
files using Windows Explorer.
Your phone will appear as another hard
drive on your computer. Click on the drive to
view it.
Drag and drop your files* into the
corresponding folders, such as Music,
Movies, or Pictures. You can also transfer
files from your PC to your phone.
When you’re finished, swipe down on top
of the screen. Tap Media device (MTP) >
Charge phone. You may now unplug your
Camera lens
Status LED
*Files must be Digital Rights Management (DRM) free.
Laser auto
Camera lens
Power/lock key
Volume keys