LG Electronics GB106 Cell Phone User Manual

Alphanumeric keys
These keys are used
to dial a number in
standby mode and
to enter numbers
or characters in edit
Soft keys
Each of these keys
performs the functions
indicated by the text on
the display immediately
above them
: End /Power key
Allows you to power
the phone on or off,
end calls, or return to
Standby Mode.
Display screen
: Navigation key
Use for quick access to
phone functions.
: SEND key
You can dial a phone
number and answer
incoming calls.
This manual may differ from the phone depending
on the phone software version and service provider used.
P/N: MMBB0332301 (1.2)
Display Information
Icon area
Text and graphic area
Soft key indications
On-Screen Icons
The table below describes various display indicators or icons that appear on the phone’s display
Tells you the strength of the network signal.
Call is connected.
Shows that you are using a roaming service.
The alarm has been set and is on.
Tells you the status of the battery.
You have received a text message.
You have received a voice message.
Vibrate only menu in profile.
General menu in profile.
Outdoor menu in profile.
Silent menu in profile.
Headset menu in profile.
You can view your schedule.
Turning Your Phone On and Off
1. Hold down the E [END] key until the phone switches on.
2. To switch the phone off, hold down the
E [END] key until the power-off image displays.
Making a call
1. Enter a phone number including the area code.
2. Press the
S [SEND] key to call the number.
3. When finished, press the
E [END] key.
Answering a call
1. When the phone rings and the phone icon flashes on the screen, press the S [SEND] key
or the left soft key to answer.
2. If the Any Key menu option (Menu, has been set, any key press will answer a call
except for the
E [END] key or the right soft key.
3. End the call by pressing the
E [END] key.
Note: After the call ends, the phone will go back to standby mode.
Making an international call
1. Press and hold the 0 key for the international prefix. The ‘+’ character automatically
selects the international access code.
2. Enter the country code, area code, and the phone number.
3. Press
S [SEND] key to call the number.
Entering Text
You can enter alphanumeric characters by using the phone’s keypad. To change modes, press
the # key.
T9 Mode
This mode allows you to enter words with only one keystroke per letter. Each key on the keypad
has more than one letter. The T9 mode automatically compares your keystrokes with an internal
linguistic dictionary to determine the correct word, thus requiring far fewer keystrokes than the
traditional ABC mode.
ABC Mode
This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key labeled with the required letter once,
twice, three or four times until the letter is displayed.
123 Mode (Numbers Mode)
Type numbers using one keystroke per number.
Symbol Mode
This mode allows you to enter special characters by short pressing * key.
Menu tree
1. Contacts
1.1 Search
1.2 New contact
1.3 Speed dials
1.4 Copy all
1.5 Delete all
1.6 Memory status
1.7 Information
2. Messaging
2.1 New message
2.2 Inbox
2.3 Drafts
2.4 Outbox
2.5 Sent
2.6 Listen voice mail
2.7 Info messages
2.8 Templates
2.9 Settings
3. Call history
3.1 All calls
3.2 Missed calls
3.3 Dialled calls
3.4 Received calls
3.5 Call duration
4. Tools
4.1 Games
4.2 FM radio*
4.3 Calculator
4.4 Stopwatch
4.5 Unit Converter
4.6 World clock
5. Settings
5.1 Profiles
5.2 Date & Time
5.3 Language
5.4 Display
5.5 Call
5.6 Auto keylock
5.7 Security
5.8 Power save
5.9 Network selection
5.0 Reset settings
5.* Memory status
6. Organizer
(SIM Services)**
6.1 Alarm
6.2 Calendar
6.3 Memo
** In case SIM Services are
also provided by the
service provider then Menu
6 will be SIM Services and
Organiser will be under
Menu 4. Tools.
How to set the tone
1. Press the left soft key [Menu] and select [Settings - Profiles] using the up/down navigation
2. Select [General - Personalise] and choose Ringtones menu.
3. Press the left soft key [OK] and then you can set the desired ringtone.
If you want to change your ringer to vibrate, select Vibrate mode or press and hold the # key.
Call alert type, Ring tones, Ring volume, Message alert type, Message tones,
Message volume, Keypad tones, Keypad volume, Effect sound volume, Power
on/off volume
You can select Call alert type, Ring tones, Ring volume, Message alert type, Message tones,
Message volume, Keypad tones, Keypad volume, Effect sound volume, Power on/off volume.
You can change the sound that will occur when a key is pressed, or volume level.
[Menu - Settings - Profiles - General - Personalise]
Quick feature reference
This section provides brief explanations of features on your phone.
Contacts Menu 1
Search You can Search for contacts in Phonebook.
Note: Instant searching is available by inputting the initial letter of the name
you want to search.
New contact You can add phonebook entries by using this menu.
Speed dials Assign contacts to any of keys between 2 and 9.
Copy all
You can copy all entries from SIM card memory to Phone memory and
also from Phone memory to SIM card memory.
Delete all
You can delete all entries from SIM card memory or Phone memory.
Memory status
You can check free space and memory usage.
Service dial numbers: Access the list of service numbers assigned by
service provider safely.
Own numbers: You can save and check your own numbers in SIM card.
Business card: This option allows you to create your own business card
featuring your name, mobile phone number and so on.
Messaging Menu 2
This menu includes functions related to SMS (Short Message Services).
New message This menu allows you to type a new message.
Inbox You will be alerted when you have received a message.
Drafts This menu shows the saved message.
Outbox This menu allows to view the message which is about to be sent or has
failed to be sent.
Sent This menu allows you to view the messages which have already been sent,
including time and content.
Listen voice mail This menu provides you with a quick way of accessing your voice mailbox
(if provided by your network).
Info message Info service messages are text messages delivered by the network to your
Templates There are pre-defined messages in the list. You can view and edit the
template messages or create new messages.
Settings This menu allows you to set features of your network service provider.
FM Radio
(This function may be different in different regions.)
1. Press the corresponding number key of a channel to store the selected radio station.
2. After presetting radio channels, you can listen to another channel by pressing the
corresponding number key.
3. You can access the following option menus by pressing the left soft key
< [Options].
Edit channel: You can adjust frequency and channel 0.1 MHz at a time using the
Left/Right navigation keys and number keys.
Auto scan: If you turn “Auto Scan Now?” on, this automatically sets the radio channel.
When “Save this Station?” message pops up and you select Yes, the selected frequency will
be stored.
Reset channels: You can delete all channels you saved.
Listen via speaker: You can listen to the FM radio via built-in speaker. When you select
[Options – Listen via wired headset] and connect the ear-mic then you can listen via
Wireless FM: In weak FM radio signal area the sensitivity can degrade with wireless antenna mode. So
it is advisable to insert the ear-mic for better & enhanced FM quality.
Anti-theft Mobile Tracker (ATMT)
1. The ATMT feature of this phone provides you with the ability to have a tracking system in
place for your Mobile in case you lose or misplace it.
2. The moment an un-authorized user uses your phone, a SMS is triggered from your phone
and the Message is sent to your pre-defined number.
3. Setting the ATMT ON [Menu - Settings - Security]
Select Anti-theft Mobile Tracker
Set ATMT and Select ON
Press OK and enter default ATMT code
In case you want to use your phone with some other SIM card, make sure to set the ATMT OFF.
It is recommended to enter the Number for ATMT with the country code (e.g. for INDIA +91
followed by mobile number)
Default ATMT code is “0000”.
Installing the SIM Card and Charging the Battery
Installing the SIM Card
When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided
with a plug-in SIM card loaded with your subscription details,
such as your PIN, any optional services available and many
The plug-in SIM card and its contacts can be easily damaged by
scratches or bending, so be careful when handling, inserting or removing
the card. Keep all SIM cards out of the reach of small children.
USIM is not supported in this phone.
If the battery is removed for about 1 minute, the clock returns to its
default setting. You will then need to reset the time.
Open battery cover
Insert your SIM
Close battery cover
Charge your battery
1 2
3 4
Fully charge the battery
before using it for the first time.
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