LG Electronics CU920 Cell Phone User Manual

Quick Start Guide
Use your phone for more than just talking
• Touch Screen
• AT&T Mobile TV
• Music Player
• 2.0 Megapixel Camera
• Video Share
See User Manual for Spanish Instructions
Additional charges may apply. Visit att.com for more details.
Phone features subject to change without prior notice.
All phone screens are simulated. Select services are
only available on an AT&T nation rate plan and
may not be available in all markets.
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Optional Accessories
Accessories for productivity, convenience,
and fashion are available at att.com/wireless.
Vehicle Power Charger
Carrying Case Bluetooth® Headset*
microSD™ Card
Stereo Headset*
USB Data Cable*
MCDZ0003127(1.2) H
*Available with the Essential Pack