Palm 90 Cell Phone User Manual

The Handspring
90 is a small, powerful Palm OS
organizer with
built-in keyboard, full-color screen and expansion slot. So small and lightweight it
fits almost anywhere. So slim and sleek you’ll want to take it everywhere.
compact Palm OS organizer
With16MB of memory and an amazingly compact and light
design, the rechargeable Treo handheld computer makes
getting organized very easy. It includes Date Book Plus,
Contacts (improved Address Book), To Do List, Memo
Pad, and more. Plus, you can run thousands of Palm OS
applications and use HotSync
technology to backup, update,
and transfer data between Treo and your desktop.
full-color screen
Take a look at the Treos vivid color screen and youll see
what a difference color makes. Now everythingfrom text
and graphics to photos and gamesis more readable.
built-in keyboard
Entering data and navigating are now faster and more familiar
with the Treos built-in QWERTY keyboard. You can look up a
number, view your calendar and more with just one hand.
Or use two thumbs for super-fast typing. It even includes
Instant Lookup, a new feature that lets you find any contact,
usually within three taps of the keyboard. And, its still
small enough to fit in your pocket.
But you dont have to expand the size of your Treo to do it.
With the SD expansion slot, you can add games, photos,
and databases without compromising size or sacrificing
memory. And, its compatible with Secure Digital (SD) and
MultiMedia Cards (MMC).
Treo 90 has a built-in keyboard,
making one-handed access easy
and thumb typing fast.