Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Touch a contact entry or search for a contact entry. The selected contact is now assigned to the number key you
Memory location 1 is reserved for your Voice mail server number and this speed dial location cannot be changed. The voice server
number can be altered by editing the Voice mail number in Contacts.
My Profile
My Profile allows you to create a virtual business card. Once completed, you can send the card to recipients as a V-
card attachment.
As with any profile, your profile can be associated with a group.
To create a profile:
1. From the Home screen, touch
. Your contacts list displays.
2. Touch
My profile
3. Touch
4. Touch the
First name
field and enter a first name for this profile.
5. Touch the
Last name
field and enter a last name for this profile.
6. Touch one of the Phone number types (
, or other type) and enter the information into the field.
7. Continue to enter the rest of the information into the appropriate fields.
8. Touch
to confirm your information.
Contacts Management
From the Contact settings menu you can enter information for your name card, send a name card, configure contact
settings, and view the Memory status.
From the Home screen, touch
Copy Contacts
This option allows you to copy all contacts from your SIM memory to your Phone memory or from your Phone back
onto your SIM card. For more information, refer to “Storing a Number on the SIM Card” on page 39.