Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 9: Tools
This feature allows you to:
Set up to 10 alarms to ring at specified times.
Set the phone to switch on automatically and ring the alarm even if the phone is switched off.
To set the alarm:
1. From the Home screen, press then touch
– or –
From the Home screen, open the Widget bar then touch the Alarm widget.
2. Touch the screen or touch Create alarm to create a new alarm.
3. Touch the
Alarm name
field and enter a name for the alarm.
4. Touch
5. Continue entering the
Alarm time
Alarm repeat
6. Touch
to activate the Snooze feature or
to deactivate it.
7. Touch the
Snooze duration
field and select a duration (1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes).
8. Touch the
Snooze repeat
field and select the number of times to repeat the snooze alarm (1 time, 2 times, 3
times, 5 times, or 10 times).
9. Touch Set Details.
10. Touch the Alarm type pull-down menu and select one of the following alarm types:
: the phone rings using the ring melody selected in the Ring tone menu.
Raising melody
: the melody volume increases.
: the phone vibrates but does not ring.
Vibration then melody
: the phone vibrates 3 times and then starts ringing.
Vibration and melody
: the phone vibrates and plays a melody.