Samsung 9650 Cell Phone User Manual

Everything else.
Stay connected. Anywhere.
From NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile to Facebook,
from Flickr™ to MySpace, stay on top of it all
on the Now Network.
There’s a lot more your device can do to give you what
you want when you want it. You can also:
Take pictures and videos
Download games, ringers, and applications from the Sprint Store
(click Shop for Games & Applications from the SprintWeb
page of your device’s browser )
Assign picture caller ID
Check out free stuff from your computer at
For additional details, check out the Basics Guide that came with
your device, or visit
©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint.
Other marks are the property of their respective owners.
From the Home screen, click the
icon for the feature you want,
such as NASCAR Sprint Cup
Mobile, Facebook, MySpace, or
Flickr. (Some features may be in
the Sports & Entertainment or
Social Networking folder.)
From the Home screen, click the
icon for the feature you want.
Follow the prompts to download
the application to your device.
Follow the onscreen instructions to
catch up on your favorite NASCAR
driver, update your Facebook
status, share photos, or do
whatever you want to do.
Get It
Use It