Samsung A300 Cell Phone User Manual

Samsung A300
Default memory - SIM
Phone memory capacity - 99 names
If you’re unsure which keys are used to scroll through
and select features, check out your phone’s original user
First things first
Before changing any numbers on your SIM card you must
check the memory capacity on your SIM and mobile
From the stand-by screen press the softkey under Name
Press the softkey under Options
Using arrow keys scroll to Memory status
Press the softkey under Select
Your phone will display the SIM card status
e.g. Card memory
088 used
062 free
Press next and you will see the phone memory status
e.g. Phone memory
000 used
099 free
If there are NO numbers on the SIM card, the old SIM
can be replaced with the new O
If there are numbers in your SIM you’ll need to copy
them to the phone memory
If the number of entries on your SIM card exceeds the
capacity of your phone memory, please call us.
Copying names from your SIM
You can only do this one entry at a time
1. From the stand-by screen press the key under Name
2. Scroll to entry to copy, press the key under View
3. Press the key under Options
4. Scroll to option 4 Copy
5. Press the key under Select
6. Phone will display a message e.g. Copy to Location 1 To
Phone, press the key under OK
7. Your phone will then display the copied entry
You’ll need to repeat this process for all entries you wish
to copy
8. Once copying is complete, remove old SIM card and
insert new O
SIM card
Copying names back to your SIM
9. Repeat steps 1 - 5
10. Your phone will display a message e.g, Copy to
Location 01 To Card, press the key under OK
02 SS A300 07/02WP