Samsung SVMI-16E Cell Phone User Manual

SVM/SVMi E-Series
(SVMi-4E, SVMi-8E, SVMi-16E)
System Administrator Guide
System Administration functions can be accessed by calling the SVM/SVMi E-
Series from a touch tone phone.These administrative functions allow the system
administrator to:
1) Edit System Prompts
2) Subscriber Administration (Create/Delete/Edit Subscribers)
3) Manually Set Mode (Day, Night, etc.)
To access the DTMF system administration mode:
1) Call the SVM/SVMi E-Series and from the Main Menu press the [#] key fol-
lowed by 4 zeros. (If you are answered by a prompt to enter your password
you are in a mailbox and must first press [] to reach the Main Menu.)
2) When prompted, enter the administration password specified in System Wide
Parameters.You will be presented with System Administration.
This allows you to create or edit custom system prompts.
Q Call the SVM/SVMi E-Series, and access the System Administration Menu.
Q Press [1] to edit system prompts.
Q Follow the spoken instructions to edit system prompts.
At the very least you will probably need to create the following:
Q Day Greeting = Prompt 1001
Q Night Greeting = Prompt 1002
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