Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

15Getting to know the phone
There are several ways to
navigate menus and select items
in your phone. You can use the
5-way navigation key, back
button, stylus, keyboard
navigation keys, touch options or
your fingertips.
The 5-way
navigation key
consists of a
ring and a
center key.
The ring is
used to go up
and down
, left and
right . The
center key
is used to select.
You can press to return to
the previous screen or menu. You
can press and hold down
to return to standby.
You can use the stylus to select
items on the screen, to navigate
menus or to pan multimedia
Using panels you get quick
access to applications and tasks.
By default four panels are always
shown. These four are My
shortcuts, Favourite contacts,
Calendar and New messages.
There are several other panels you
can add and remove. For more
information about panels, see the
Web guide at
To use panels
Use and to scroll through the
panels. Press to select a panel.
To add additional panels
N From standby select More >
O Mark the panels you want and
select Save.
4 Touch options
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