Sony Ericsson M3000 Cell Phone User Manual

Plantronics Ltd - Released
T68 M3000 pair rev002 1 24
July 2003
M3000 Pairing Instructions – Sony Ericsson T68 Mobile Phone
Before pairing the Plantronics M3000 with the Sony Ericsson T68, please ensure
both devices are fully charged according to the instructions in the respective User
1. Turn the Sony Ericsson T68 phone and the Plantronics M3000 headset ON.
2. On the T68, using the Joystick:
i. Select “Connect” and press the joystick.
ii. Scroll down to “Bluetooth” and press the joystick
iii. Scroll down to “Operation Mode”, and press the joystick
iv. Scroll down to “On” and press the joystick.
Bluetooth is now be switched on in the phone.
Note: If Bluetooth has already been activated, press the “No” Key (End Call
3. On the Plantronics M3000:
i. Put the M3000 into pairing mode by press the “Volume Up” &
“Call Control” buttons simultaneously until the Indicator light
begins to flash alternate green and red. (see M3000 User
4. On the Sony Ericsson T68 under “Bluetooth” menu:
i. Scroll down to “Paired Devices” and press the joystick
ii. The phone will display “Add Device”. Press the joystick.
iii. Scroll to “Phone initiates” and press the joystick.
iv. Scroll to “Headset” and press the joystick.
v. The phone will display “Searching
vi. After a few moments the phone will display all the Bluetooth
devices within range. Select the “M3000 by Plant” and press
the joystick.
vii. The phone will request the “Passkey:”. Enter 0000 using the
keypad then press the joystick. The phone will display
Pairing” followed by “Pairing Successful”.
viii. The phone will show “Name Tag:” M3000 by Plantronics.
Press the joystick.
ix. The phone will show “Added to Paired Devices”
x. Use the “No” Key (End Call button) to return to the main
Your M3000 headset is now paired with the T68 phone.