Apple A1303 Cell Phone User Manual

Should always keep iPhone more than six inches from
their pacemaker when the phone is turned on
Should not carry iPhone in a breast pocket
Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize
the potential for interference
If you have any reason to suspect that interference is
taking place, turn iPhone o immediately.
Hearing Aids iPhone may interfere with some hearing
aids. If it does, consult the hearing aid manufacturer or
your physician for alternatives or remedies.
Other Medical Devices If you use any other personal
medical device, consult the device manufacturer or your
physician to determine if it is adequately shielded from
external RF energy.
Turn iPhone o in health care facilities when any
regulations posted in these areas instruct you to do so.
Hospitals and health care facilities may use equipment
that is sensitive to external RF energy.
Posted Facilities Turn o iPhone in any facility where
posted notices so require.
Blasting Areas To avoid interfering with blasting
operations, turn o iPhone when in a “blasting area” or in
areas posted “Turn o two-way radio.” Obey all signs and
Emergency Calls You should not rely on wireless
devices for essential communications, such as medical
emergencies. Use of iPhone to call emergency services,
for example by dialing 911, may not work in all locations.
Emergency numbers and services vary by region, and
sometimes an emergency call cannot be placed due to
network availability or environmental interference.
Important Handling Information
NOTICE: Failure to follow these handling instructions
could result in damage to iPhone or other property.
Carrying iPhone
iPhone contains sensitive components. Do not bend, drop,
or crush iPhone. If you are concerned about scratching
iPhone, you can use one of the many cases sold separately.
Using Connectors and Ports
Never force a connector into a port. Check for obstructions
on the port. If the connector and port don’t join with
reasonable ease, they probably don’t match. Make sure
that the connector matches the port and that you have
positioned the connector correctly in relation to the port.
Keeping iPhone Within Acceptable Temperatures
Operate iPhone in a place where the temperature is
always between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Battery life
might temporarily shorten in low-temperature conditions.