LG Electronics 265 Cell Phone User Manual

The LG265 is compatible with devices that support the Bluetooth
headset and hands-free
profile(s). You may create and store 20 pairings within the LG265 and connect to one device
at a time. The approximate communication range for Bluetooth
wireless technology is up to
30 feet (10 meters).
Read user guide of each Bluetooth accessory that you are trying to pair with your phone
because the instructions may be different.
The Bluetooth
word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of
such marks by LG Electronics is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those
of their respective owners.
Your phone is based on the Bluetooth
specification, but it is not guaranteed to work with
all devices enabled with Bluetooth
wireless technology.
Quick Reference Guide
Some of content in this user guide may be different from your phone
depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. Features
and specifications might be subject to change without prior notice.
Visit http://ca.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp for the
User Guide fully illustrated on how to use your
Bluetooth QD ID B014981
Getting Started With Your Phone Phone Overview
How to Use Menus
This section provides a quick glance of features on your phone.
Send and receive Internet e-mail.
Browse and search the World Wide Web via web pages especially designed for wireless
phone customers.
Set bookmarks to directly access your favorite sites.
Retrieve information, such as stock quotes and flight schedules from the Internet.
The Web feature allows you to view Internet content especially designed for the
mobile phone interface. For specific information on Web access through your phone,
contact your service provider.
Web Menu 8
Photo Album
Picture Message
Settings & Info
Taking pictures with your phone’s built-in camera is as simple as choosing a
subject, pointing the lens, and pressing a button. You can activate the
phone’s camera mode whether the phone is open or closed.
Your phone’s picture storage area is called Photo Album. There are three
types of folders that can be used separately according to your needs:
In Phone/ Memory Card/ Online Albums.
Allows you to store your picture messages.
Pictures in your phone and memory card can be printed via the connection
between your phone and a printer. While the transfer, you cannot receive
incoming calls and you need printer setting to use this menu.
The Settings menu allows you to configure where pictures are saved, view
your account information, or switch the format between portrait or land-
scape mode.
Turning the Phone On and Off
Turning the Phone On
Install a charged battery or connect the phone to an external power source.
Press for a few seconds until the LCD screen lights up.
Turning the Phone Off
Press and hold until the display turns off.
Making Calls
Make sure the phone is turned on. If not, press for about 3 seconds.
Enter the phone number (include the area code if needed).
Press . If the phone is locked, enter the lock code.
By default, the lock code/password is the last 4 digits of your phone number.
You can change this code/password in Security menu.
If the phone is restricted, you can only dial phone numbers saved in the Emergency
Numbers or your Contacts. To turn off this function:
-> Settings -> More... -> Restrict
and Lock -> -> Limit Calls -> Outgoing Calls -> Unlock ->
Press to end the call.
P/N: MSAB0030501 (1.1)
Your phone’s built-in camera gives you the ability to take full-color digital pictures,
view your pictures using the phone’s display, and instantly send them to family and
The Contacts Menu allows you to store names, phone numbers and other informa-
tion in your phone’s memory. When you access your Contacts, the number in paren-
theses represents the number of entries you have stored (up to 600).
Contacts Listing/ Backup
Bluetooth Menu 3
The LG265 is compatible with devices that support the Bluetooth
headset and
hands-free profile(s). You may create and store 20 pairings within the LG265 and
connect to one device at a time. The approximate communication range for
wireless technology is up to 30 feet (10 meters).
Pair with Hands Free/ Send a Contact/ Send Files/ Add a New.../
Trusted Devices/ More...
Photos Menu 7
Menus Overview
1. Call History
1. View
2. Messages
1. Send Message
2. Text Message
3. Email
4. IM
5. Facebook
6. Picture Message
7. Web Alerts
8. Voicemail
9. Settings
3. Bluetooth
1. Pair with Hands Free
2. Send a Contact
3. Send Files
4. Add a New...
5. Trusted Devices
6. More...
4. Contacts
1. Contacts Listing
2. Backup
5. Missed Alerts
1. View
6. IM
1. Launch IM
7. Photos
1. Camera
2. Photo Album
3. Picture Message
4. Print
5. Settings & Info
8. Web
1. Launch
9. Settings
1. Display
2. Sounds
3. Airplane/Music Mode
4. Bluetooth
5. Messages
6. Keyguard
7. Text Entry
8. Phone Support
9. More...
*. My Downloads
Memory Card
Memory Status
0. Media Player
1. Launch
#. Tools
1. GPS Nav
2. Memory Card Manager
3. Alarm Clock
4. Scheduler
5. World Clock
6. USB Mode
7. Calculator
8. Voice Control
9. Voice Memo
* . Notepad
0. Utilities
. Update Phone
Menu Access
To use phone menus, press using Navigation Key to highlight and select.
Press the number key that corresponds to the submenu.
Contacts Menu 4
Charging the Battery
Use only the charger provided with the phone. Using
any charger other than the one included with the
LG265 may damage your phone or battery.
Plug the end of the adapter into the phone’s
charger port and the other end into an electrical
The charge time varies depending upon the bat-
tery level.
Installing the Battery
Remove the battery cover by sliding it
upward. Align the battery with the ter-
minals near the bottom of the phone.
Align the battery cover then slide it
downward until it clicks into place.
Removing the Battery
Turn off the phone, then push the bat-
tery cover from down to up such as
shown below.
While holding the battery cover, lift
and remove the battery cover.
Lift the top of the battery out using
the fingertip cutouts, then remove it.
Triangle symbol
should face
Entering Text With the QWERTY
Your phone features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, specifically designed for easy and com-
fortable text entry. The QWERTY keyboard uses the same layout and works just like the key-
board on your computer. The easiest way to enter text is using your thumbs to type on the
QWERTY keyboard.
To enter text with the QWERTY keyboard:
1. In a text entry screen, slide open the QWERTY keyboard.
(The display automatically adjusts to landscape mode.)
2. Use your thumbs to enter text.
To change capitalization, press .
To enter alternate characters on a key, press and then press the key. To lock the
function key (as when entering a series of numbers), press twice.
To enter symbols, press and select a symbol.
For additional text entry options, including Symbols and 123, press Left Soft Key and
select an option.
Receiving Calls
When the phone rings or vibrates press to answer a call.
If you press or the side keys while the phone is ringing, the ringing or vibration is
muted for that call.
Press to end the call.
LCD Screen
Displays messages and
indicator icons.
Navigation Keys
Right Soft Key
Use to access Contacts.
Charger/Accessory Jack
Allows you to connect optional acces-
sories, such as a USB cable and connects
the phone to the phone charger.
Left Soft Key
Use to access Message.
Camera Key
Allows you to access the
Pictures menu with the press
of a button in standby mode.
BACK/Keyguard mode Key
Center Soft Key
Jumptap Key
Digital Camera
Allows you to take
sharp, high-resolution
digital pictures.
Headset Jack
Memory Card
Alphanumeric Keypad
Volume Control
Speakerphone Key
Soft Keys
In Standby Mode
Left Soft Key Use to access Message.
Right Soft Key Use to access the
Contacts menu.
Function Key
Call History Menu 1
The Calls Menu is a list of the last phone numbers or Contact entries for calls you
placed, accepted, or missed. It is continually updated as new numbers are added to the
beginning of the list and the oldest entries are removed from the bottom of the list.
Send Message
Text Message
Picture Message
Web Alerts
Allows you to send text messages, picture messages, pages, and e-mail
transmissions. Each message has a destination (up to 25 recipients per
message) and information (Message). These are dependent upon the
type of message you want to send.
Text Messages are grouped by senders/receivers with date.
You can get your corporate email, synchronize your contacts, and
have access to your company’s directory.
Allows you to log on to specific web messaging services and chat online.
Privacy policy and charges may vary.
With Bell Mobile Browser, you can enjoy community service.
Allows you to store the received picture messages in a separate folder.
Allows you to store the received web messages in a separate folder.
Allows you to view new voice messages recorded in the voicemail box.
Your phone will alert you when you receive a new voice message.
Allows you to configure 8 settings for messages.
Notification/ Callback Number/ Signature/ Quick Messages/ Auto-
Delete/ Message Reminder/ Edit Voicemail #/ Web Alerts
Messages Menu 2
Memory Card
Memory Status
To download an available Tools to your phone.
To download an available Ringers to your phone.
To download an available Screensavers to your phone.
To download available Games to your phone.
Up to 16GB is supported. It allows you to easily store images, music, and
voice data in your phone.
Displays the used and available memory space.
My Downloads Menu *
My Downloads Menu * (Continued)
Media Player Menu 0
You have access to a dynamic variety of Premium Service content such as download-
able Games, Ringers, Screensavers, and other applications.
Additional fees may apply.
Your phone's built-in media player gives you the ability to listen to your own personal
MP3s right from your phone's display.
GPS Nav/ Memory Card Manager/ Alarm Clock/ Scheduler/ World Clock/
USB Mode
/ Calculator/ Voice Control/ Voice Memo/ Notepad/ Utilities/
Update Phone
When you connect your phone to a PC with USB cable, the phone screen displays USB Mode
menu allowing you to enter Mass Storage, Phone As Modem or Print.
The Settings Menu has options to customize your phone.
Display/ Sounds/ Airplane/Music Mode/ Bluetooth/ Messages/ Keyguard
Text Entry/ Phone Support/ More...
The Auto Keyguard setting applies only when the flip is closed.
Settings Menu 9
Tools Menu #
Missed Alerts Menu 5
Displays the list of your missed alerts. This feature allows you to check out functions
you have not promptly checked. For example, the features are Missed Calls, Alarm,
Text Messages.
IM Menu 6
Allows you to log on to specific web messaging services and chat online. Privacy poli-
cy and charges may vary.
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