Lucent Technologies 555-661-140 Telephone User Manual

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MERLIN LEGEND Communications System Release 6.1
Issue 1
August 1998
Initializing and Testing the System
Page 7-21
Testing the System
!After the call is answered and you have verified that you have good
two-way communication, give the person the telephone number
assigned to the outside line bridged by the PFT jack to which you
are connected.
This is the number noted in Step 2.
!Have that person call the number after you hang up.
Your phone should ring after the caller completes dialing the number.
! Answer the phone and verify that you have good two-way
communication. Hang up.
! Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 4 through 10 to test all PFT jacks.
! Turn the power back on.
Follow the procedure in “Powering Up the System” in Chapter 2.
Test ing Touch -Tone Rec eiv ers
The 400 (L/S), 400 GS/LS, and 016 (T/R) modules each provide four
touch-tone receivers (TTRs). The 008 OPT module, 800 DID module,
012 T/R module, and 800 GS/LS-ID modules each provide two TTRs.
To test TTRs, follow the steps below:
!Pick up the handset of a touch-tone single-line telephone that is
connected to an 012, 016 (T/R), or 008 OPT module.
and the 2-digit number (starting with 01) of the TTR that
you want to test.
You should hear a busy tone if the receiver is in use, or a reorder tone if
you misdialed or addressed a receiver not in your system. (This can
happen if you dialed
 and your system has only an 012 module and
one 400 (LS) module, for a total of six TTRs.)
!If you hear reorder tone, try again.
If you hear dial tone after one to three seconds of silence, proceed with
this test.