Samsung SmartCam mobile Cell Phone Accessories User Manual

Download the application from the App Store and install it on
your smart phone.
Search keywords for the application: “Samsung SmartCam”,
Hardware / Operating System Requirements
OS - iOS 4.3.5/5.0
CPU - 600MHz or higher
- 128MB or more (recommended),
RAM : 50MB (Minimum)
- Wi-Fi or 3G wireless communication-
enabled smart phone
Video Codec - H.264
Recommended Smart Phones - iPhone 3Gs, 4
Recommended Tablet PC - iPad 2
1. Run the downloaded application.
2. Touch <Sign up here>.
3. Check to agree to the terms
and conditions, and then touch
1. Smart phone requirements
2. Subscription
4. Enter required information and
touch <Register> to finish
subscribing for Samsung
Smartcam membership.
ID : Your ID, use alphanumeric
characters and “.” (full stop)
and allows 8-14 characters.
User ID check : Checks
whether the ID already exists.
PW : Password does not
allow ‘-’ and ‘,’. Use 8-14
alphanumeric characters.
Confirm Password : Checks whether your password is
entered correctly.
Name : Enter your name.
E-mail : This e-mail is used to recover your subscription if
you forgot your password.
Country : Enter your country of use.
Register : Requests registration of your information.
for iPhone