Nokia 203 Cell Phone User Manual

figure) only. Use of incompatible SIM cards
may damage the card or the device, and may
corrupt data stored on the card. Please
consult your mobile operator for the use of
a SIM card that has a mini-UICC cutout.
5 Missed and received calls are logged
only if supported by the network, and the
phone is switched on and within the network
service area.
6 Using services or downloading content
may cause transfer of large amounts of data,
which may result in data traffic costs.
7 You can send text messages that are
longer than the character limit for a single
message. Longer messages are sent as two
or more messages. Your service provider
may charge accordingly.
Characters with accents, other marks, or
some language options, take more space,
limiting the number of characters that can be
sent in a single message.
8 If the item you insert in a multimedia
message is too large for the network, the
device may automatically reduce the size.
9 Only compatible devices can receive
and display multimedia messages. Messages
may look different in different devices.
10 Sending a message with an
attachment may be more expensive than
sending a normal text message. For more
information, contact your service provider.
11 The edited ringtone does not replace
the original ringtone or sound clip. Preset
ringtones cannot be modified, and not all
formats of ringtones are supported.
12 Only those features that are
supported by the social networking service
are available.
Using social networking services requires
network support. This may involve the
transmission of large amounts of data and
related data traffic costs. For information
about data transmission charges, contact
your service provider.
13 The social networking services are
third party services and not provided by
Nokia. Check the privacy settings of the
social networking service you are using as
you may share information with a large group
of people. The terms of use of the social
networking service apply to sharing
information on that service. Familiarise
yourself with the terms of use and the privacy
practices of that service.