Nokia 203 Cell Phone User Manual

Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic
or security protocol software from RSA
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it at any time without prior notice.
Reverse engineering of software in the
device is prohibited to the extent permitted
by applicable law. Insofar as this user guide
contains any limitations on Nokia's
representations, warranties, damages and
liabilities, such limitations shall likewise limit
any representations, warranties, damages
and liabilities of Nokia's licensors.
The availability of products, features,
applications and services may vary by region.
For more information, contact your Nokia
dealer or your service provider. This device
may contain commodities, technology or
software subject to export laws and
regulations from the US and other countries.
Diversion contrary to law is prohibited.
Nokia does not provide a warranty for or take
any responsibility for the functionality,
content, or end-user support of third-party
applications provided with your device. By