Blackberry 8100 Cell Phone User Manual

Blackberry 8100
AT & T
Vehicles compatible: Produced After:
3-series Sedan March 2005
3-series touring March 2005
3-series Coupe June 2006
3-series convertible March 2005
5-series Sedan, March 2005
5-series Touring March 2005
6-series Coupe March 2005
6-series Convertible March 2005
7-series March 2005
X3, March 2005
Z4 March 2005
X5 March 2005
Software tested:
To find the Software version: Click Settings->Options -> about
Pairing Instructions:
To turn Bluetooth ON, Click Options ->Bluetooth ->Click track wheel-> Click Enable Bluetooth.
1. Click Options -> Bluetooth.
2. Click the track wheel and select Add Device. The Select Device list appears and lists
Bluetooth enabled devices that are in range and available to be paired.
3. Select the name of the Bluetooth enabled device with which you are pairing. The Enter
passkey for <device name, here BMWxxxxx> dialog appears.
4. Type the passkey to authenticate the Bluetooth enabled device. Type the same passkey
on the Bluetooth enabled device to which you are pairing.
Sometimes Bluetooth enabled devices contain a hard coded passkey. See the car manual for
the passkey.