Blackberry 8100 Cell Phone User Manual

1. The user will be unable to carry out the initial pairing process on subsequent occasions in
the following scenario:
i) Handset is deleted from the vehicle pairing menu.
ii) Vehicle is not deleted from the paired devices menu located in the Bluetooth
Recommended Action: Please enter Bluetooth Passkey first on mobile phone. Ensure that the
handset is deleted from the vehicle’s pairing menu, and the vehicle (i.e. BMWxxxxx) tag is
deleted from the paired devices menu, located in the Bluetooth menu of the handset.
1. After pairing, when the device asks if the user wants to connect to BMWxxxxx, and the
user checks the box “yes”, make sure that they also check the option “don’t ask this
again” so that the Blackberry gets reconnected automatically.
1. The telephone directory of the SIM card is not accessible over Bluetooth interface.
Recommended Action: Please Copy entries of the SIM card to the telephone-internal
2. If the Phonebook contains group of contacts, it will cause an error during the connection
to the car kit and the handset will disconnect from vehicle issuing "uncaught exception
java.lang class cast exception".
Recommended Action: please don’t save your contacts within a group, save them separately.