Samsung GH68-25765A Cell Phone Accessories User Manual

Pairing and connecting the headset
Pairing will create a unique and encrypted wireless link between two Bluetooth-enabled
devices, such as a Bluetooth phone and your Bluetooth headset.
To use the headset with other Bluetooth devices, the devices must be paired. When
trying to pair the two devices, keep the headset and the phone reasonably close
together. After pairing, you can connect the two devices.
Pairing and connecting the headset with a phone
1 Enter Pairing mode.
With the headset turned on, press and hold the Talk button until the indicator
light turns blue and stays lit after blinking.
When you turn on the headset for the rst time, it automatically enters
Pairing mode.
2 Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone and search for the headset (see
your phone’s user manual).
3 Select the headset (WEP490) from the list of devices found by your phone.