Sony 1289-4874 Cell Phone User Manual

Entering text using voice input
When you enter text, you can use the voice input function instead of typing the
words. Just speak the words that you want to enter. Voice input is an experimental
technology from Google™, and is available for a number of languages and regions.
To enable voice input
When the on-screen keyboard is displayed, tap .
Tap , then tap Keyboard settings .
Drag the slider beside Google™ voice typing key to the right.
Tap to save your settings. A microphone icon now appears on your on-
screen keyboard.
To enter text using voice input
Open the on-screen keyboard.
. When appears, speak to enter text.
When you're finished, tap again. The suggested text appears.
Edit the text manually if necessary.
To make the keyboard appear and enter text manually, tap .
Editing text
You can select, cut, copy and paste text as you write. You can access the editing
options by double-tapping the entered text. The editing options then become
available via an application bar.
Application bar
The following actions are available on the selected text:
Select all
Paste option only appears when you have text saved on the clipboard.
To select text
Enter some text, then double-tap the text. The word you tap gets highlighted
by tabs on both sides.
Drag the tabs left or right to select more text.
To edit text
Enter some text, then double-tap the entered text to make the application bar
Select the text that you want to edit, then use the application bar to make your
desired changes.
To use the magnifier
When you enter text, tap and hold on the text field to view the text magnified
and to place the cursor where you want within the text field.
Personalising the on-screen keyboard
When entering text using the on-screen keyboard, you can access keyboard and
other text input settings that help you, for example, to set options for writing
languages, text prediction and correction. You can get word suggestions for one
language at a time by deactivating the Smart language detection feature.
The keyboard can use text that you have written in messaging and other applications
to learn your writing style. There is also a Personalisation guide that runs you through
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