Sony 1289-7629 Cell Phone User Manual

To turn on the device
Make sure that the battery is charged for at least 30 minutes before you turn on the device for
the first time.
Press and hold down the power key until the device vibrates.
Enter your SIM card PIN when requested, then tap
Wait a while for the device to start.
To turn off the device
Press and hold down the power key until the options menu opens.
In the options menu, tap Power off.
Tap OK.
It may take a while for the device to shut down.
Why do I need a Google™ account?
Your Xperia™ device from Sony runs on the Android™ platform developed by
Google™. A range of Google™ applications and services is available on your device
when you purchase it, for example, Gmail™, Google Maps™, YouTube™ and Google
Play™, the online store for downloading Android™ applications. To get the most out
of these services, you need a Google™ account. For example, a Google™ account is
mandatory if you want to:
Download and install applications from Google Play™.
Synchronise email, contacts and the calendar.
Chat with friends using the Hangouts™ application.
Synchronise your browsing history and bookmarks.
For more information about Android™ and Google™, go to
To set up a Google™ account on your device
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Settings > Add account > Google.
Follow the registration wizard to create a Google™ account, or sign in if you
already have an account.
You can also sign in to or create a Google™ account from the setup guide the first time you
start your device. Or you can go online and create an account at
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