Sony 1289-7632 Cell Phone User Manual

To take a photo using Smile Shutter™
When the camera is open and Smile Shutter™ is turned on, point the camera
at your subject. The camera selects which face to focus on.
The face selected appears inside a coloured frame and the photo is taken
If no smile is detected, press the camera key to take the photo manually.
Adding the geographical position to your photos
Turn on geotagging to add the approximate geographical location (a geotag) to
photos when you take them. The geographical location is determined either by
wireless networks (mobile or Wi-Fi® networks) or GPS technology.
When appears on the camera screen, geotagging is turned on but the
geographical position has not been found. When appears, geotagging is turned on
and the geographical location is available, so your photo can get geotagged. When
neither of these two symbols appears, geotagging is turned off.
To turn on geotagging
From your Home screen, tap
Tap Settings > Location.
Drag the slider beside Location to the right.
Activate the camera.
Tap , then tap .
Drag the slider beside Geotagging to the right.
Tap OK.
General camera settings
Capturing mode settings overview
Superior auto
Optimise your settings to suit any scene.
Adjust camera settings manually.
AR effect
Take photos with virtual scenes and characters.
Creative effect
Apply effects to photos or videos.
Timeshift burst
Find the best photo from a burst of images.
Social live
Broadcast live video to Facebook™.
Sweep Panorama
Use this setting to take wide-angle, panoramic photos. Just press the camera key and move the
camera steadily from one side to the other.
Portrait retouch
Take photos with real-time portrait styles.
Superior auto
Superior auto mode detects the conditions in which you are shooting and
automatically adjusts the settings to ensure that you take the best photo possible.
Manual mode
Use Manual mode when you want to manually adjust your camera settings for taking
photos and videos.
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