Nokia 1006 Cell Phone User Manual

3. Main features
Select Menu to access the following features:
Messaging — to create, send, open, and manage messages
Contacts — to save names and phone numbers in the phone
memory, you can also assign groups, 1-touch dialing, and voice tags
Log — to access phone numbers of missed, received, and dialed calls
Settings — to set up various features of your device
Gallery — to view and save images, tones, and recordings to
a folder
Web — to access mobile internet services with your phone browser
Organizer — to access alarm clock, calendar, to-do list, notes,
calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch, and voice recorder
Applications — to download applications to your device
Extras — to play games and check local times of different cities
around the world
Make and answer a call
To make a call, enter the phone number, including the country
code and area code, if necessary, and press the call key. Press the
volume key to adjust the volume of the earpiece or headset
during the call.