Nokia 1006 Cell Phone User Manual

Predictive text input
Predictive text input is based on a built-in dictionary when
writing in English. Select Options > Prediction on.
When using predictive text input, press each key once for each
letter. The device suggests a matching word.
If the displayed word is the one you want, press 0, and start
writing the next word. If not, press repeatedly to view other
word options.
If ? is displayed after the word, the word is not in the dictionary.
To add the word to the dictionary, select Spell, enter the word
using traditional text input, and select Save.
The message service can only be used when supported by your
network or service provider.
To send a text message:
1. Select Menu > Messaging > Text messages > Create message.
2. Enter the phone number, or select Add to retrieve a number
from your contacts list.
3. Write the message.
4. Select Send.