Nokia 1006 Cell Phone User Manual

Very short names are not accepted. Use long names, and
avoid similar names for different numbers.
Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy
environment or during an emergency, so you should not
rely solely upon voice dialing in all circumstances.
This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2.0+EDR
supporting the following profiles: Generic access profile, Generic
object exchange profile, Serial port profile, Object push profile,
File transfer profile, Dial-up networking profile, Headset profile,
Hands-free profile, Phonebook access profile, and Serial port profile.
To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting
Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved enhancements for
this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to
determine their compatibility with this device.
To activate Bluetooth connectivity, select Menu > Settings >
Connectivity > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > On.
To connect to other devices, select Paired devices > New.
Select the device, then Pair.
To receive files from another device, select Accept.
To send files to another device, select the file, Options > Send >
Via Bluetooth, then the Bluetooth device.