Nokia 1006 Cell Phone User Manual

Voice tags
You can use voice tags to make a phone call or activate certain
function with hands-free operations. Before using voice dialing
or voice commands, you must first record a voice tag to the name
saved in the contact list or certain feature.
1. To add a voice tag to a contact, select Menu > Contacts >
Names > a contact > Details > Options > Add voice tag.
2. To add a voice tag to the phone function, select Menu >
Settings > Voice commands, a function, and Add.
3. Select Start and speak the voice tag clearly into the microphone.
To activate a voice dialing or voice command, press and hold the
right selection key in standby mode. When Speak now is
displayed, say the voice tag clearly into the microphone.
If a match is not found, the message No match found is displayed.
Before using voice tags, note the following:
Voice tags are not language-dependent. They are dependent
on the speaker's voice.
You must say the name exactly as you said it when you
recorded it.
Voice tags are sensitive to background noise. Record voice
tags and use them in a quiet environment.