Nokia 1006 Cell Phone User Manual

Features using Bluetooth technology increase the demand on
battery power and reduce the battery life.
To avoid malicious software, do not accept Bluetooth connectivity
from sources you do not trust. Switch off the Bluetooth function
when not in use.
USB data cable
You can transfer data between your device and a compatible PC
by using a CA-101 USB data cable.
Important: To make a call, disconnect the USB data
cable from the device.
To ask for the purpose of the connection each time the cable is
connected, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB data
cable > Ask on connect.
To transfer phone data and files between your device and PC
using Nokia PC Suite:
1. Connect your PC and your device with a CA-101 USB
data cable.
2. Select PC Suite when asked to select the connection mode.
You can now use PC Suite to connect to your device.