Sony 1289-4201 Cell Phone User Manual

Making calls
You can make a call by manually dialling a phone number, by tapping a number
saved in your contacts list, or by tapping the phone number in your call log view. You
can also use the smart dial feature to quickly find numbers from your contacts list
and call logs. To make a video call, you can use the Hangouts™ instant messaging
and video chat application on your device. See
Instant messaging and video chat
page 59.
1 Open your contacts list
2 View your call log entries
3 View your favourite contacts
4 View all contact groups saved to your device
5 Delete number
6 Dialpad
7 View more options
8 Call button
9 Hide or show the dialer
To make a call by dialling
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Phone.
Enter the number of the recipient and tap
To make a call using smart dial
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Phone.
Use the dialpad to enter letters or numbers that correspond to the contact you
want to call. As you enter each letter or number, a list of possible matches
Tap the contact you want to call.
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