Sony 1289-4201 Cell Phone User Manual

Smile Shutter™(video)
Use the Smile Shutter™ function to determine what kind of smile the camera reacts
to before recording a video.
Focus mode
The focus setting controls which part of a video should be sharp. When continuous
autofocus is on, the camera keeps adjusting focus so that the area within the white
focus frame stays sharp.
Single autofocus
The camera automatically focuses on the selected subject. Continuous autofocus is on.
Face detection
The camera automatically detects up to five human faces, indicated by frames on the screen. The
camera automatically focuses on the nearest face. You can also select which face to focus on by tapping
it on the screen. When you tap the camera screen, a yellow frame shows which face is selected and in
focus. Face detection cannot be used for all scene types. Continuous autofocus is on.
Object tracking
When you select an object by touching it in the viewfinder, the camera tracks it for you.
This setting is only available in Manual capturing mode.
This function automatically determines a well-balanced exposure by measuring the
amount of light striking the image that you want to capture.
Adjust the exposure to the centre of the image.
Calculate the exposure based on the amount of light striking the whole image.
Adjust the exposure in a very small part of the image that you want to capture.
Video stabiliser
When recording a video, it can be difficult to hold the device steady. The stabiliser
helps you by compensating for small movements of the hand.
Select whether to pick up the surrounding sound when recording videos.
You can choose to preview videos just after you shoot them.
The preview of the video appears after you shoot it.
The video opens for editing after you shoot it.
The video is saved after you shoot it, and no preview appears.
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