Sony 1289-7631 Cell Phone User Manual

Playing games on a TV using a DUALSHOCK™3 wireless
You can play PlayStation® Mobile games stored on your device on a TV and control
the games using a DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller. First you need to establish a
wireless connection between the DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller and your
device, then you can connect your device with the TV using a cable.
To set up a connection between a DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller and your device, a
USB On-The-Go adapter is required.
To set up a connection with a DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller
Make sure the Bluetooth® function on your device is turned on.
Connect a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adaptor to your device.
Connect the DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller to the OTG adaptor using a
USB cable
When Controller connected(wired) appears in the status bar at the top of your
device screen, unplug the USB cable.
When Controller connected(wireless) appears in the status bar, a wireless
connection is established.
Use Near Field Communications (NFC) to share data with other devices, such as a
video, photo, web page address, music file or contact. You can also use NFC to scan
tags that give you more information about a product or service as well as tags that
activate certain functions on your device.
NFC is a wireless technology with a maximum range of one centimetre, so the
devices sharing data must be held close to each other. Before you can use NFC, you
must first turn on the NFC function, and the screen of your device must be active.
NFC may not be available in all countries and/or regions.
To turn on the NFC function
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Settings > More….
Mark the NFC checkbox.
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