Sony 1289-7631 Cell Phone User Manual

Use the flash light to record videos when lighting conditions are poor or when there is
a backlight. The video flash icon is only available on the video camera screen.
Note that the video quality can sometimes be better without a light even if lighting
conditions are poor.
Scene selection
The Scene selection feature helps you to quickly set up the camera for common
situations using pre-programmed video scenes. The camera determines a number of
settings for you to fit the selected scene, ensuring the best possible video.
The Scene selection feature is off and you can shoot videos manually.
Soft snap
Use for shooting videos against soft backgrounds.
Use for videos of landscapes. The camera focuses on distant objects.
When turned on, light sensitivity is increased. Use in poorly lit environments. Videos of fast-
moving objects may get blurred. Hold your hand steady, or use a support. Turn off night mode
when lighting conditions are good, to improve the video quality.
Use for videos of seaside or lakeside scenes.
Use in bright environments to avoid overexposed videos.
Use for videos of fast-moving objects. Short exposure time minimises motion blurring.
Use for indoor videos in poorly lit environments. This scene picks up indoor background lighting
or candlelight. Videos of fast-moving objects may get blurred. Hold your hand steady, or use a
This setting is only available in Manual capturing mode.
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