Sony 1289-7631 Cell Phone User Manual

To work with batches of photos or videos in Album
When viewing thumbnails of photos and videos in Album, tap , then tap Select
Tap the items that you want to work with. Selected items are indicated by a
blue frame.
Use the tools in the toolbars to work with your selected items.
To activate selection mode, you can also touch and hold an item until its frame turns blue.
Then you can tap other items to select them.
Analysing photos with faces in Album
You can analyse any photos on your device that feature people's faces. Once
activated, the photo analysis feature stays on, and new photos get analysed as they
are added. After running an analysis, you can then group all photos of the same
person in one folder.
To turn on the photo analysis feature
From your Home screen, tap
Find and tap Album.
Drag the left edge of the Album home screen to the right, then tap Faces. All
photos on your device get analysed and grouped in the Unnamed faces folder.
To name a face
In the Faces tile, tap the Unnamed faces folder, then browse to the Other faces
folder and choose the face that you want to name.
Tap Add name.
Type a name, then tap Done > Add as new person.
To edit a face name
When you are viewing a face in full screen view, tap the screen to display the
toolbars, then tap
> Edit name tags.
Tap OK.
Tap the name of the face that you want to edit.
Edit the name, then tap Done >Add as new person.
Editing photos with the Photo editor application
You can edit and apply effects to original photos that you’ve taken with your camera.
For example, you can change the light effects. After you save the edited photo, the
original unchanged version of the photo remains on your device.
To edit a photo
When you are viewing a photo, tap the screen to display the toolbars, then tap
To crop a photo
When you are viewing a photo, tap the screen to display the toolbars, then tap
If prompted, select Photo editor > Just once.
Tap > Crop.
Select an option.
To adjust the crop frame, touch and hold the edge of the crop frame. When the
squares at the edges disappear, drag inward or outward to resize the frame.
To resize all sides of the crop frame at the same time, touch and hold one of
the four corners to make the squares at the edges disappear, then drag the
corner accordingly.
To move the crop frame to another area of the photo, touch and hold inside the
frame, then drag it to the desired position.
Tap Apply.
To save a copy of the photo as you cropped it, tap Save.
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