Sony 1289-3481 Cell Phone User Manual

Google Maps™ and navigation
Use Google Maps™ to track your current location, view real-time traffic situations
and receive detailed directions to your destination.
When you view a map, you use data traffic to get an Internet connection, and data is
transferred to your device. So it's a good idea to save a map and make it available
offline before you take a trip. This way, you can avoid high roaming costs.
The Google Maps™ application requires the use of an Internet connection when used online.
You may incur data connection charges when you connect to the Internet from your device.
Contact your network operator for more information. The Google Maps™ application may not
be available in every market, country or region.
1 Enter an address or name to search for a location, for example, a restaurant’s name or address.
2 Select a transportation mode and get directions to your destination.
3 View your account profile.
4 Location mark – shows a searched location on the map.
5 Show your current location.
6 View help and options.
To show your location on the map
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Maps, then tap
To search for a location
From your Home screen, tap
Find and tap Maps.
In the search field, enter the name of the location you want to find.
Tap the Enter key on the keyboard to start the search, or select a suggested
location from the list. If the search is successful, the location is indicated by
on the map.
To get directions
While viewing a map, tap .
Select a transportation mode, then enter your starting point and your
destination. The recommended routes appear in a list.
Tap an option from the list of recommended routes to view the directions on a
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