Sony 1289-3481 Cell Phone User Manual

To insert the micro SIM card
Remove the battery cover, then insert the micro SIM card into its slot with the
gold-coloured contacts facing down.
You must use a micro SIM card for your phone to work correctly. Some standard-sized SIM
cards allow you to detach an integrated micro SIM card. Once you detach the micro SIM card
from the standard-sized SIM card, you cannot reattach it and use the standard-sized SIM card
again. If you do not have a micro SIM card, or if your current SIM card does not contain a
detachable micro SIM card, contact your network operator for information on how to collect or
exchange your SIM card.
To insert a memory card
Remove the back cover.
Insert the memory card into the memory card slot, with the gold-coloured
contacts facing down.
To attach the back cover
Place the back cover over the back of the device, then press down on the
bottom corners to lock them into place.
Moving from bottom to top, press down the sides of the cover until the cover
clicks into place.
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