Sony 1289-3481 Cell Phone User Manual

To use the quick launch function
Press and hold down the power key , then shake the device.
When the pre-selected application opens, release the power key.
To set up the quick launch function
From your Home screen, tap
Find and tap Settings > Personalization > Motion > Shake to start app.
Select an application, then tap Done.
Small apps
A small app is a shortcut used for applications and widgets. You can get quick
access to the small apps at any time using the favorites bar. A small app only takes
up a small area of your screen, so you can interact with a small app and another
application at the same time on the same screen. For example, you can have a web
page open and then open the Calculator small app on top of it and perform
calculations. You can download more small apps from Google Play™.
To open a small app
To make the small apps bar appear, press .
Tap the small app that you want to open.
You can open several small apps at the same time.
To close a small app
Tap on the small app window.
To download a small app
From the small apps bar, tap , then tap and tap .
Search for the small app that you want to download, then follow the
instructions to download it and complete the installation.
To move a small app
When the small app is open, touch and hold the top left corner of the small
app, then move it to the desired location.
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