Sony 1289-4871 Cell Phone User Manual

To reset the screen lock using Protection by my Xperia
Make sure you know your Google™ account username and password and that
you have enabled the Protection by my Xperia service on your device.
Go to
using any Internet-connected device.
Sign in using the same Google™ account that you have set up on your device.
Click the picture of your device under Your devices.
Select Lock or Change PIN2 to replace the current screen lock with a new PIN
Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Protection by my Xperia.
Depending on your security settings, your device may lock after a screen lock reset. You then
need to enter your Google™ account username and password in order to use the device.
Unlocking your device automatically
The Smart Lock feature makes unlocking your device easier by letting you set it to
unlock automatically in certain situations. You can keep your device unlocked, for
example, when it’s connected to a Bluetooth® device or when you’re carrying it with
To prepare your device to unlock automatically, you first need to perform the
following steps in the order given:
Make sure you have an active Internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi® connection to
limit data traffic charges.
Make sure that all your apps are updated using the Play Store™ application in order
to ensure that the Google Play™ services app is updated. Having an up-to-date
Google Play™ services app ensures that you can use the latest Smart Lock features.
Enable Smart Lock.
Set when you want your device to unlock automatically.
The Smart Lock feature is developed by Google™ and the exact functionality may change over
time due to updates from Google™.
The Smart Lock feature may not be available in every market, country or region.
To enable Smart Lock
Make sure that you’ve set a pattern, PIN or password for your screen lock.
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Settings > Security > Trust agents.
Drag the slider beside Smart Lock (Google) to the right.
Tap the back arrow next to Trust agents.
Find and tap Smart Lock.
Enter your pattern, PIN or password. You need to enter this screen lock any
time you want to change your Smart Lock settings.
Select a Smart Lock type.
Setting when to keep the device automatically unlocked
You can set Smart Lock to keep your device unlocked using the following settings:
Trusted devices — Keep your device unlocked when a trusted Bluetooth® device is
Trusted places — Keep your device unlocked when you're in a trusted location.
On-body detection — Keep your device unlocked when you're carrying your device
with you.
Trusted face —Unlock your phone by looking at it.
Trusted voice — Set up voice recognition to search in any screen.
You have to manually unlock your device when you don't use it for 4 hours and after
you restart it.
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