Sony 1289-4871 Cell Phone User Manual

Transferring music to your device
There are different ways to transfer music from a computer to your device:
For Windows
only: Connect the device and computer using a USB cable and then
drag and drop the music files directly into the file manager application on the
computer. See
Managing files using a computer
on page 137 .
You can use the Xperia™ Companion software to transfer your media files between
the computer and your device. To learn more and to download Xperia™ Companion,
go to
The Music application may not support all music file formats. For more information about
supported file formats and the use of multimedia (audio, image and video) files, download the
White Paper for your device at
Listening to music
Use the Music application to listen to your favourite music and audio books.
1 Go to the Music home screen
2 Search all songs saved to your device
3 View the current play queue
4 Album art (if available)
5 Progress indicator – Drag the indicator or tap along the line to fast forward or rewind
6 Elapsed time of current song
7 Total time length of current song
8 Repeat all songs in the current play queue
9 Tap to go to the next song in the play queue
Touch and hold to fast forward within the current song
10 Play or pause a song
11 Tap to go to the previous song in the play queue
Touch and hold to rewind within the current song
12 Shuffle songs in the current play queue
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