Sony 1289-4871 Cell Phone User Manual

When the notification light is disabled, it only lights up when there is a battery status warning,
for example, when the battery level goes below 15 percent.
To enable the notification light
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Settings > Sound & notification .
Drag the slider beside Notification light to the right.
Icons in the status bar
Status icons
No SIM card
Signal strength
No signal
Sending and downloading LTE data
Sending and downloading GPRS data
Sending and downloading EDGE data
Sending and downloading 3G data
Sending and downloading mobile data
A Wi-Fi® connection is enabled and data is being transmitted
Battery status
The battery is charging
Battery saver is activated
Low battery mode is activated
Airplane mode is activated
The Bluetooth® function is activated
The microphone is muted
The speakerphone is on
Do not disturb mode
Vibrate mode
An alarm is set
GPS is activated
Synchronisation is ongoing
Problem with sign-in or synchronisation
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