Sony 1289-4871 Cell Phone User Manual

FM radio
Listening to the radio
The FM radio in your device works like any FM radio. For example, you can browse
and listen to FM radio stations and save them as favourites. You must connect a
wired headset or headphones to your device before you can use the radio. This is
because the headset or headphones act as an antenna. After one of these devices is
connected, you can then switch the audio to the speaker, if desired.
1 Favourites list
2 Radio on/off button
3 View menu options
4 Tuned frequency
5 Save or remove a channel as a favourite
6 Tuning dial
7 Frequency band – drag left or right to move between channels
8 Move up the frequency band to search for a channel
9 A saved favourite channel
10 Move down the frequency band to search for a channel
To listen to the FM radio
Connect a headset or a set of headphones to your device.
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap FM radio
. The available channels appear as you scroll through
the frequency band.
When you start the FM radio, available channels appear automatically. If a channel has RDS
information, it appears a few seconds after you start listening to the channel.
To move between radio channels
Drag the frequency band left or right.
To start a new search for radio channels
When the radio is open, press .
Tap Search for channels. The radio scans the whole frequency band, and all
available channels are displayed.
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