Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

3 Text Entry
Entering English
When you turn Predictive input on, your phone supports smart text
input methods; otherwise, only traditional text input methods are
supported. To turn on or off Predictive input, select Menu >
Settings > Phone > Text Input Settings > Predictive Onput .
Smart English Input Method
1. Based on the sequence of the word, press the key labeled with
the desired letter. Then the phone predicts the commonly used
words according to the numeric sequence of key presses.
2. Select the desired word, and press Confirm key or Space key to
enter the word.
3. Press Sym key to display the symbol list. Then you can select
and enter a symbol.
The indicator of the current input method is displayed in the upper right
corner of the screen. You can press Input Method/lock key to change the
input method.