Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

Traditional English Input Method
The traditional text input method allows you to enter uppercase or
lowercase English letters. You can press the key labeled with the
desired letter.
Press Sym key to display the symbol list. Then you can select
and enter a symbol.
Press Space key enter a space.
Entering Spanish
You can enter Spanish words using Spanish text input methods.
The traditional Spanish input method and the smart Spanish input
method are similar to the traditional English input method and the
smart English input method. For details, see "Entering English".
Entering a Digit
In "123" input mode, press the key labeled with your desired
In "Abc" and "En" input mode, press Fn/Vibrate key and then
press a number key.
In any text input mode, except the "123" input mode, press and
hold a number key to enter the digit.