Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

3. Press Navigation keys to scroll to a picture and then press
Confirm key to view the picture. Select Options for the following
Send: to send a picture via messaging, or Bluetooth.
Set as: to set a picture as the wallpaper or a contact image.
Delete: to delete a picture.
Rotate: to rotate the picture clockwise or anticlockwise.
Zoom In: to zoom in the picture.
Play: to play all pictures in full-screen mode.
1. In standby mode, select Menu > Tools > Recorder
2. Press Confirm key to start recording. Select Pause/Continue to
pause or continue.
3. Select Stop to stop recording. The sound clip is automatically
saved to the Recorders folder of the default storage that you
4. Press Confirm key to play the sound clip.
When recording a sound clip, keep the microphone of your phone near the